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Staf27 Bio

Staf27 Bio


The term heresy is from Greek αἵρεσις originally meant “choice” or “thing chosen”, but it came to mean the “party or school of a man’s choice”  and also referred to that process whereby a young person would examine various philosophies to determine how to live. The word “heresy” is usually used within a Christian, Jewish, or Islamic context, and implies slightly different meanings in each, yet how it applies to graffiti is derived to challenge the belief of the church. Staf27 looks at graffiti this way. Graffiti is an art that is practiced like religion.
Staf27 was born in East New York Brooklyn to a highly spiritual mother and a not so spiritual father. Staf27 received his first exorcism while a small child and it has forever changed the way he looks at life. Within the realm of graffiti Staf27 first chose the name Odin in 1978 when he was introduced to graffiti by the writer “Earl” who was from Brooklyn, Earl attended Brooklyn Tech and introduced Staf27 to the drawings of Dean DTW, Soe as well as many others attending the school.

When Staf27 started high school like many others he updated his tag name leaving it behind and claiming the name Staf27, other names he has used to paint are Egypt, CEO127, Ravage and finally God127. The number 27 comes from the Route 27 (Linden Boulevard) that crossed his yard of preference “New Lots”. Staf27 has painted exclusively with Web (forming a crew in the process “The Legion of Doom”e.g.. TLD), Seez, Prins, Beam, Doc and Sye. Staf27 currently still paints occasionally and took a lay off from painting to produce music in the 90’s.

Staf27 believes that each piece should be unique so he often switches up styles and formats to constantly challenge his mind-state. Staf27 admires that the members of The Cool Five all have separately discreet styles and is proud to be down with this group of artisans who represent a wide and impressive portfolio of talent and works.

Staf27 produces individual works from canvases to videos and currently produces television and other forms of entertainment.

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